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JAN 2012

You will hear this phrase numerous times over the next year, "We are in for the fight of our lives!"

Local 432's General Membership Meeting is coming up on February 8th, Plan on attending to hear the latest news that will impact all of us as we move through 2012. Please RSVP through the email link on this site, this will allow us to plan for the refreshments.

With your help and your commitment to fighting to protect services that benefit citizens of Ontario, we can make a difference and now is the time to get involved! Check out this VIDEO CLIP from the January 5th Commission on Quality Public Services held in Kingston -- For the latest on OPSEU campaign information visit www.opseu.org/ops/campaigns/cutshurtusall/index.htm or www.standupontario.org/

Pink Slip Days have occurred in Region 4 with the current tally of notices issued at 42 with more job losses expected. No job is safe! If Finance Minister Dwight Duncan has his way we will have many more lay off notices issued across the public service with cuts of up to 33% in some services. The Drummond Commission is underway with a report headed to the Premier in late January which is expected to impact public services across this province.

As this government continues to cut jobs and outsource services, it is important that as OPSEU members we use services that are provided by our members. On the listing an incorrect address was listed for a Kingston site. We have fellow OPSEU members working at the site located at 1201 Division Street, Kingston, these members need our support as the employer continues to talk about privatization. If you need to visit a Service Ontario location, we suggest searching the attached listing of Service Ontario sites for to find one closest to you at . Keep checking this site for updates on an information picket that is being planned to show support for the 1900 jobs that would be impacted should the employer decide to privatize Service Ontario.

Any cuts to public services will make our communities less safe, less healthy and weaken our economy. If you want to contact your local MPP to chat about the job losses, MPP John Gerretsen can be reached at 613 547 2385, or email jgerretsen.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org . For our many members who live outside of the Kingston area in the Frontenac, Lanark, Lennox & Addington riding, MPP Randy Hillier can be reached at 613 354 1948 or email randy.hillierco@pc.ola.org. Get involved, question your local MPP about the loss of services & loss of jobs. OPSEU's Challenge the Austerity booklet has some great questions to start the conversation with your elected representative. View Booklet (pdf)

Convention 2012 plans are in the works and one of the items your delegates will be voting on is a dues increase. Check out the Vice Presidents message for the full story at http://www.opseu.org/vicepresidentsmessage/january-19-2012.htm. Delegates will be identified and confirmed at the General Membership meeting, if you are interested in representing your local at the April convention, you must attend on February 8th to stand for nomination as a delegate. Several members from Region 4 attended a labour rally to support the Caterpillar workers in London. OPSEU is not alone in the fight for good jobs and protection of services; this is a coordinated effort among labour unions across the province & country. Take a look in the Photo section for photos of the rally.

If you have questions or comments, send us an email and a member of the Local Executive Committee will contact you. .