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March 2012

It's time to make our voices heard. Spending cuts and privatization won't make Ontario stronger. That's why we've designated Thursday, March 29 as Choose Public Day.

This is two days after the government is expected to announce further deep spending cuts and job losses in the provincial budget.

On March 29 we ask all members to:

  • Dress in black.
  • Wear a Choose Public wristband. (delivered to all 432 work sites)
  • Post the flyer in your workplace.
  • Participate in a group photo and send pics to mpark@opseu.org and asklocal432@gmail.com
If your work site did not receive the wristbands, we need to hear from you!!

Join members from across the area to support the Service Ontario rally planned for 1355 John Counter Blvd, Kingston site, 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. on March 20th, 2012. Whether you have 15 minutes or an hour, show your support, a strong presence sends a strong message!

We want to remind everyone to submit their letters to local MPP's, let them know your concerns at www.opseu.org/drummond/index.htm.

Check this link to read a recent letter to the Editor submitted by Steve Gora, Chief Steward for Local 432 www.opseu.org/notices/2012-02-20-toronto-star-drummond.htm.

We need to keep the discussion going about what impact any cuts in public services will have to our communities, to the revenues of the province, to the increased risk of identity theft & fraud, potentially higher user fees and the economic impact of job losses. We must tell our MPP and the Premier that our privacy is NOT for sale!

Have a look at the photos from the ServiceOntario rally held on Friday, February 3rd at the 1201 Division Street Service Ontario location. Thank you to all those who came out to hand out pamphlets and show your support. The photos can be viewed in our Photo section or through the Kingston Area Council link . With your help and your commitment to fighting to protect services that benefit citizens of Ontario, we can make a difference and now is the time to get involved! Check out this VIDEO CLIP from the January 5th Commission on Quality Public Services held in Kingston -- For the latest on OPSEU campaign information visit OPSEU.org website or www.standupontario.org/

You will hear this phrase numerous times over the next year,
"We are in for the fight of our lives!"

Any cuts to public services will impact our communities and weaken our economy. If you want to contact your local MPP to chat about the job losses, MPP John Gerretsen can be reached at 613 547 2385, or email jgerretsen.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org . Get involved, question your local MPP about the loss of services & loss of jobs. OPSEU's Challenge the Austerity booklet has some great questions to start the conversation with your elected representative. View Booklet (pdf)

Ensure you have provided your private email address to Local 432 executives using the email link. We must develop a database of contacts outside of our OPS worksites to maintain communication with our members during what will definitely be a very difficult year ahead. The second task we need assistance with is to update our work site staff listings, have a chat with your office colleagues and forward a listing of the OPSEU members in your workplace.

Are you interested in becoming a steward? You can be either an active steward or an information steward, attend a meeting and hear more about the role.