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April 2012

Your representatives are preparing to attend Convention 2012 to be held at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto from April 19th to 21st. Members will be hearing the latest news from our leadership about current campaigns, union finances, constitutional amendments and resolutions. Our representatives will provide an update at the May 9th Local Executive Committee (LEC) meeting, check the upcoming meeting info for time & location details.

Annual allocations are being prepared for stewards who have attended LEC and AGM meetings. If you are a steward in your workplace, please contact Treasurer Maryvonne Tonge (maryvonne.tonge@ontario.ca) to arrange for pick up of your allocation.

Anyone needing to update their name, address, work site location - please use the following link to ensure your membership dues are directed to the correct local. www.opseu.org/notices/connect-with-opseu.htm -- remember that if you are updating your information through the main OPSEU link, please send the same information to this sites email link. We have been working on this task for months and have boosted our numbers to approximately 235, and we still have more work to do!

Thank you to all our regional members who participated in the Choose Public events held on March 29th.

We have 3 members registered for the upcoming Regional Educational sessions planned for May 5th & 6th. Check this site for the next offerings in the fall of 2012.

Check out the latest discount program negotiated for members by OPSEU Enterprises with Via Rail. Your 10% discount applies to both business and leisure travel, in any class of service. Members will save by clicking on corporate discount and you can bring up to three (3) additional passengers, providing that they are accompanied by you. The discount code is 710846.

Have a look at the photos from the ServiceOntario rally held on Friday, February 3rd at the 1201 Division Street Service Ontario location. Thank you to all those who came out to hand out pamphlets and show your support. The photos can be viewed in our Photo section or through the Kingston Area Council link . With your help and your commitment to fighting to protect services that benefit citizens of Ontario, we can make a difference and now is the time to get involved! Check out this VIDEO CLIP from the January 5th Commission on Quality Public Services held in Kingston -- For the latest on OPSEU campaign information visit OPSEU.org website or www.standupontario.org/

You will hear this phrase numerous times over the next year,
"We are in for the fight of our lives!"

Any cuts to public services will impact our communities and weaken our economy. If you want to contact your local MPP to chat about the job losses, MPP John Gerretsen can be reached at 613 547 2385, or email jgerretsen.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org . Get involved, question your local MPP about the loss of services & loss of jobs. OPSEU's Challenge the Austerity booklet has some great questions to start the conversation with your elected representative. View Booklet (pdf)

Ensure you have provided your private email address to Local 432 executives using the email link. We must develop a database of contacts outside of our OPS worksites to maintain communication with our members during what will definitely be a very difficult year ahead. The second task we need assistance with is to update our work site staff listings, have a chat with your office colleagues and forward a listing of the OPSEU members in your workplace.

Are you interested in becoming a steward? You can be either an active steward or an information steward, attend a meeting and hear more about the role.