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October 2012

To keep up to date on the latest bargaining news check out the PS Let's Talk Blog, the link is at the top of this page. As we move through the negotiation process it will be imperative that all of our members become informed and engaged in the process to show our support to the bargaining team.

At the September 12th General Membership meeting we were presented with an opportunity to merge with Local 468. Check this link for the presentation made by Frank Wendling, Local 468. Overall consensus and discussion was mixed. We will revisit this topic at the February meeting. If you have comments or concerns please share them with your LEC members, stewards or plan on attending the February meeting. There was concern regarding what would happen to "our" money in this merger. The bigger question may be what will happen to our money if this merger did not go through and the local folded due to member apathy and LEC/Volunteer exhaustion? We need help keeping this local active and viable because 4 or 5 people cannot maintain the work necessary for 250 members at 15 ministries and even more work sites.

As we move closer to the end of our contract it was necessary to review all Essential Services Agreements. This process was completed with the help of our Regional Rep, Martin Sarra. Our local will have 28 essential service positions should they be necessary in the event of a work disruption.

If you could attend an educational during your regular work week, would you? Another region has been successful with a weeklong training session held during work hours. This option has saved funds for the other region and they had increased participation numbers.What do you think? Share your comments . or post your thoughts on our facebook page.

Congratulations to our bursary award winner this year, Nicolette McCahill, the cheque was presented at the general membership meeting on the 12th of September and we have received the following thank you:

Dear local 432,
I am honoured to be one of the recipients of the OPSEU Local 432 Educational Bursary.
I have just begun my undergraduate studies at Dalhousie University in the faculty of Engineering and am looking forward to the rest of the semester.
I am very thankful to be a recipient of this bursary as it allows me to make the long trip home for holidays.
Thank you for your generous support. Sincerely, Nicolette McCahill

Please use the following link to ensure your membership information is up to date, www.opseu.org/notices/connect-with-opseu.htm -- remember that if you are updating your information through the main OPSEU link, please send the same information to Local 432 email link. If you are registered with an "Ontario.ca" email address, it will no longer be used for OPSEU updates. Please update your information to ensure you are kept up to date with all the activity headed our way over the next few months.

Are you interested in becoming a steward? You can be either an active steward or an information steward, attend a meeting and hear more about the role. We need your help....our list of stewards has dwindled at a critical time for our members!