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January 2013

REMINDER...February 13th at OPSEU Regional Office, 5:15 to 6:45 - General Membership Meeting where we will elect a new Local Executive Committee (LEC) team and elect delegates for the 2013 Regional Meetings and Annual OPSEU Convention.

We need your support to keep Local 432 active and do the work all of our members need to enforce our new 2 year agreement. Are you interested in sharing information with your work colleagues, helping to organize area campaigns against the Service Ontario or ODSP or MNR cuts?? We need you...come to the meeting on February 13th and show your support.

We will be electing a new President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Steward and identifying candidates to participate in the Kingston Area Labour Council. We will be electing delegates for the Regional Meeting to be held April 6th, and for OPSEU Convention to be held April 25th to 27th. Review the newly updated bylaws for our local to ensure you are aware of bylaw 3.3 regarding the requirements to be eligible for election. Want to know more about what happens at the Regional Meetings or at Convention…come to the meeting on February 13th to find out!!

On January 22nd ratification votes were held across our area with 75 of our 278 members exercising their right to vote on the new contract negotiated by our hard working bargaining team members in what were the most difficult bargaining sessions to date. I hesitate to use the word "negotiated contract" as it was clearly a challenge for our bargaining team members from the 1st day of meetings with the employer. While we have heard few comments about the deal, we suggest that anyone who has questions about the process or the results should contact your local steward.

On behalf of Local 432, we send our thanks and appreciation to Region 4 bargaining team members Daryl O'Grady, Cam Jay and Brian Dunham. We will get to start the bargaining process all over again in 18 months, hopefully with an employer that is more interested in negotiating!

On Saturday, January 26th numerous members from Region 4 attended the early morning rally in Toronto to greet members of the Liberal party as they elected our new boss. With participants from many unions, delegates were greeted with chants to vote for the 99% and keep our public services public. This was a great showing of strength and solidarity of unionized workers from across the province.

Are you interested in becoming a steward? You can be either an active steward or an information steward, attend a meeting and hear more about the role. We need your help....our list of stewards has dwindled at a critical time for our members!