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June 2011

Hello to all our members in Local 432

Pink Slip Day is July 14th across the OPS, with 2900 brothers and sisters receiving their surplus notices. This is another attack on the Public Services and is only the beginning, another surplus is expected later this fall, another 1500 job cuts. Check out the May 11th letter from Smokey Thomas, President and Roxanne Barnes, CERC Chair or the June 9th letter Fighting Today for Tomorrows Workers from Eddy Almeida, Vice President.

Cuts Hurt Us All - that is a statement we have heard and as these job losses occur it will become a reality for many of your local members. No one is safe in this process, with such a large surplus occurring there will be lots of people scrambling to find another job in another location - possibly your job!! The Cuts Hurt Us All campaign is in full swing and you will see more information as we move closer to the provincial election. Read the Jump Into the Election Conversation letter from Smokey Thomas.

We are strongly suggesting you get informed, get prepared and fight back against the job cuts. Talk to your manager, arrange a review of your personnel file, start work on your employment portfolio - be prepared should your position be targeted either by the surplus or by another member that may need to continue working to support their family. Talk to your work unit steward for more information.

Call your local MPP, in Kingston that would be John Gerretsen, 303 Bagot Street Suite 2, LaSalle Mews Plaza, 613 547 2385, or send him an email at jgerretsen.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org. Any cuts to public services will make our communities less safe, less healthy and weaken our economy. Ask MPP Gerretsen:

  • who will ensure day cares are safe for our children?
  • who will assist with hundreds of job training programs?
  • who will answer inquiries about government services?
  • who will renew driver's licenses?
  • who will keep unsafe trucks off the road?
  • who will keep you safe by monitoring offenders in the community?

Local 432 BURSARY Program....do you have a passion for education, or a family member that may need assistance for post secondary school? Local 432 has an annual bursary program available, check out the details and the application template in our Forms section. Application due date is August 1st, 2011 and must be submitted through the Ask Local 432 email link.

General Membership Meeting will be September 13th in Kingston, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm and our Regional Executive members will be in attendance. Mark the date in your calendar and meet with Smokey Thomas, David Lundy and Chris Cormier. Don't miss this opportunity to talk to our regional representatives and your union president. Look to our website for further details in August! Submit your questions for the OPSEU president through the website email link.

Did you receive your letter to promote this website and share news of our local? If not, send us an email and we will check your status on our membership list.

Remember that we should not use government email addresses to contact members, use the email link on our website to send us your home email addresses to ensure we can contact you. Your email address will not be shared with outside parties; it is strictly for local membership information updates.