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Oct 2013

Do you know who your work site steward is? We have 15 work sites with active or information stewards in 50% of our sites. We need your help to keep our members informed, to protect our hard fought collective agreement and to support members when they need union assistance. Interested? Don't know what's involved? Just ask us......asklocal432@gmail.com .

Would you like to have an information session with your Local Executive? Please contact us to schedule a site visit, we would like to complete all visits before December 13th. We will even bring the coffee or maybe even lunch if your team is interested. Contact us at asklocal432@gmail.com to schedule your office visit.

Don't forget to send your RSVP to our Holiday Gathering on December 6th at the Kingston Yacht Club. The poster is listed in the upcoming events with a due date for replies of November 15th. If you are interested in attending an Ottawa Senators hockey game, OPSEU has arranged a union day on December 14th. Check out the attached poster for discounted prices and purchase details.