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Nov 2013

Reminder to all members who have Spousal or Dependent Life Insurance -- your coverage will *END *on November 30th unless you have submitted the request for insurance either through your WIN access or by submitting a paper application form to Ontario Shared Services.

The recent Provincial Women's Conference in Toronto was well attended and well represented by 14 members from Region 4. The conference included several guest speakers and panel sessions of women who shared personal stories of struggle and survival through extremely difficult situations. If you have an opportunity, check out the films "Miss Representation" or "Solar Mamas", both are amazing films that show how far we have come and how much we have yet to do to achieve equality for women. http://opseu.org/committees/pwc/2013-womens-conference-review.htm

Did you receive the recent mail out from OPSEU Head Office of the Made in the USA dvd? If not, you likely need to update your address with the union by calling the OPSEU Resource line at 1 800 268 7376. http://opseu.org/madeinusamovie/video-1.htm

Do you know who your work site steward is? We have 15 work sites with active or information stewards in 50% of our sites. We need your help to keep our members informed, to protect our hard fought collective agreement and to support members when they need union assistance. Interested? Don't know what's involved? .

Would you like to have an information session with your Local Executive? Please contact us to schedule a site visit, we would like to complete all visits before December 13th. We will even bring the coffee or maybe even lunch if your team is interested. to schedule your office visit.