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May 2014

Wow...what a convention!! 1700+ union activists debating, discussing and strategizing over several days! All of the submitted constitutional amendments were reviewed, and almost all of the submitted resolutions made it to the convention floor for discussion. The Provincial Women's Committee held their annual convention breakfast which was a sold out affair celebrating the achievements of the amazing women who make up 70% of OPSEU.

The recent video contest award winner was identified at convention, and the video has now been posted to opseu.org or you can follow this link

Of course the hot topic at convention was the announcement by the PC party to cut 100,000 public servant jobs should that party form the next government. We won't let that happen! OPSEU has been actively preparing for this election and now it is your turn to get active, get involved and ensure that everyone votes on June 12th. Talk to your work colleagues, share information about all of the party platforms to ensure that everyone understands what is at risk if they don't vote. Updates will be made on a regular basis to the Political Action link of the main OPSEU website, check it out at http://opseu.org/politicalaction/provincial-elections.htm. Events will be planned across all areas of Eastern Region and OPSEU has several members challenging for seats, several in our own Local 432 territory!!

Check the members tab for a list of active stewards for the local. If your work site does not have a listing, it indicates we are in need of an information contact for your office. We can help you with training, support and mentoring if you are interested in becoming a contact for your work colleagues on OPSEU related information. Upcoming educational events in our area are outlined in the Region 4 Education Plan and the Workers Health and Safety Centre (WHSC). We encourage all members to review the links to select training opportunities. Remember that your Local pays a daily stipend of $50 should you wish to participate and increase your union/labour knowledge.

Bargaining work has begun with demand set results submitted and the next step is the Regional Bargaining Conference in Kingston on June 7th. Stay informed, check the website often as plans are finalized.