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Nov 2014

Hello all members of Local 432. We are nearing the end of the OPS collective agreement and as usual activities have ramped up across the province as our bargaining teams work toward a fair agreement for us all. For our members in the Labs, your BPS bargaining team is continuing to work on your list of demands.

Plan on attending the December 10th LEC meeting to hear from the OPS mobilizers. We will have food available so make sure you let us know to ensure we have ordered enough for the group. Check the details on our website for location and time.

We can all show our support of the bargaining teams by ensuring we have OPSEU items in prominent display in our work cubicles or areas. All OPSEU info boards at your work sites should be bare except for Table Talk copies and if available, copies of the opening offer from the employer.

If you are receiving emails from OPSEU corporate and Local 432 the latest information will be shared as the bargaining process moves forward. If the only access to information is through the water cooler conversations with your work colleagues, send a reply email and we will help you get connected or visit http://www.opseu.org//form/connect-opseu-update-your-membership-information

Stewards are your work site point of contact or any member of the Local Executive Committee. We need to be engaged in the bargaining process, hopefully we will hear from all 200+ members!!