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DEC 2014

What a busy time of year for all of us! We have additional activities at schools, in our communities and family events that the holiday season brings -- plus our union is bargaining to protect our future.

The bargaining team asked for and received a very strong strike vote which will give them the support they need to move forward in their efforts to get the best collective agreement they can for all of our members. The opening proposal from the employer was an insult to all public servants and an outright attack on our benefits, pensions and wages. We must continue to support our members at the bargaining table.

Bargaining updates will be available as information is released however members must remember that we do not negotiate in the media and therefore information may not be as readily available as we would like. If you have questions or need information, contact your local steward or any member of the LEC.

Our December 10th LEC meeting included discussions with Gareth Jones and Daryl O'Grady, OPS mobilizers in Region 4. Questions about the bargaining process, an update about the request for all Corrections members in acting assignments to return to their home positions and many questions to help clarify the impact of what was included in the employers opening proposal.

Michelle McMurray gave the attendees an update on the new computer system that is causing havoc at ODSP offices for both recipients of ODSP and our members. Members at ODSP are working with members across Ontario to determine next steps in a campaign to address the issues.

Our next LEC meeting is scheduled for January 14th, 2015 -- we hope to see all our stewards in attendance to increase the sharing of information at all Local 432 work sites.

Enjoy the holiday season, stay informed on issues related to your union and we will see you in 2015.