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MARCH 2015

Happy family day to all our members across Local 432 and thank you to all those in attendance at the February 11th General Membership Meeting. Our meeting included an overview of the ODSP day of action plans and a bargaining update.

The next Local 432 meeting on March 11th will include nominations for delegates to attend the Regional Meeting and the annual Convention. The Regional meeting will be held on April 18th in Kingston and this meeting will offer opportunity for active members to participate in provincial committees, nominations and elections of our Regional representatives in the roles on the executive board, and identify nominees to participate in events like the Canadian Labour Council conference.

OPSEU annual convention will take place in Toronto from May 7th to 9th and is a learning opportunity for members to see all the activities of our union in action. If you are interested in participating in any of these events you must be at the March 11th meeting to be nominated.

As a union we are in a very difficult position these days and our commitment must remain strong to ensure we are showing our unity and solidarity during what is developing into a very difficult bargaining process. Our employer does not appear to be interested in bargaining and therefore we have moved forward with our Strike/Lock Out plans. A strike committee has been established with members from across our Local and a strike headquarters has been established in Kingston. If you haven't completed your Form B yet, please check in with a steward and ensure the form is submitted as soon as possible. The challenge to ALL of us is to ensure that our colleagues, our families and our communities understand that WE are battling to keep public services public, fight against the excessive costs that we know privatization of services will cost all of us and protect our future!