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FALL 2015

Hello to all members of Local 432

Thank you to all who attended the General Membership Meeting on September 9th.

Highlights of the meeting included bursary award winner announcements to Evan Veryard and Melissa Weaver, welcome to our new Treasurer Krista Willis, thanks to outgoing Treasurer Maryvonne Tonge, discussion with Social Committee members about a holiday party and updates from Regional Executive Board member Gareth Jones. Participants at the Young Workers Conference gave us a brief update on their activities and the Don't Vote campaign aimed at increasing participation in the upcoming Federal election. If you haven't seen details of the campaign, check out the link http://opseu.org/dontvote or other social media links:
Like them on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/dontvotecanada
Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dontvotecanada
Follow them on Instagram:https://instagram.com/dontvotecanada
Spread/Share the Hashtag: #dontvote

Bargaining has resumed with for our OPS members and is also continuing for our BPS members. Few updates are available during bargaining however rumours always seem to make the rounds. Table Talk is our best choice for updates as they come directly from the OPS Bargaining Teams. PHO members are also continuing to bargain although information is difficult to find on the OPSEU website. The last 2 contracts for the PHO members were settled in arbitration however the union is hopeful on all fronts that deals can be negotiated at the tables. All members should continue to show support in your workplaces for the bargaining teams, wear your OPSEU shirts, wave your OPSEU flags, post your cubicle walls with OPSEU Updates and most of all - work to your contract and nothing else until we get new contracts!!

Upcoming events include the Provincial Women's Conference in November, Weekend Educational in October and the Editors Weekend in November http://opseu.org/event/2015-editors-weekend. We have members registered to participate in all of these events, if you are interested in attending - check the OPSEU website for details and ensure you are receiving updates from Local 432 that includes provincial and Kingston area activities.