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Hello to all members of Local 432

OPS members have a ratified contract however our members in Corrections have a bumpy road ahead as they voted down the latest tentative offer.

The Corrections unit is also in the midst of a vote that to determine if a Corrections Only bargaining unit is what the members want. Voting for the Corr Only plan will be held on December 16th & 17th with members voting by telephone. Any members that work in corrections work sites, including those not currently in the corrections bargaining unit, will have received personal identification and information packages prior to the vote.

Our BPS members at the Labs - well, I wish I knew what was happening with your bargaining! We have tried to find a contact that can offer an update however no one is returning phone calls or email messages. If any of our BPS members can offer any insight, please contact the LEC at asklocal432@gmail.com.

Local Executive Meetings have concluded for 2015 with our next meeting scheduled for January 13th, 2016. With the change of date for OPSEU Convention to April 2016 we may need to revise our agenda for the January meeting to include convention delegate nominations. Stay tuned on this item as we await further detail from Head Office.

During these difficult times for our bargaining members, we ask that all members continue to show support in your workplaces for the bargaining teams, wear your OPSEU shirts, wave your OPSEU flags, post your cubicle walls with OPSEU Updates and most of all - work to your contract and nothing else until we get new contracts!!

Check the OPSEU website for details and ensure you are receiving updates from Local 432 that includes provincial and Kingston area activities.

We will have changes to our website coming in the months ahead, to comply with the anti-spam regulations, members will need to request access to our email distribution list. Notices will be posted on our Facebook page, sent to our current membership and posted on our website - Stay Tuned!!