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Hello to all members of Local 432

Local Executive Meeting held January 13th was an opportunity to acknowledge the newly achieved agreement for our Corrections members and plan for the General Membership Meeting. If you want to have your say in your Local, please attend the February 10th meeting. We will gather at 5pm, with the meeting called to order at 5:15. Food will be ordered, please RSVP to allow for appropriate quantities to be ordered.

General Membership Meeting - February 10th at 5:15 pm
Agenda items (so far) include: 2016 Convention attendee elections, Donation request presentations and votes, Bursary award presentation, Treasurers report, Committee reports.

If you wish to make a Donation Request, contact us at asklocal432@gmail.com to ensure you are on the agenda.

Upcoming training events in Kingston: If you are interested in more information about Stewards and the role they play, register for training to be held on January 30th. Region 4 Educational is planned for March 5 & 6 offering an opportunity to network with regional colleagues & increase your union knowledge on a variety of topics. Both training sessions have been sent by email to members, if you have not received the details, please contact us to review email access.

Many questions have arisen since the Corrections Only Unit vote and as we move through 2016 and 2017 we will work to gather information. If you are in a corrections unit and have questions about next steps in the Corr Only process, please send your questions to asklocal432@gmail.com.

Check the OPSEU website for details and ensure you are receiving updates from Local 432 that includes provincial and Kingston area activities.

We will have changes to our website coming in the months ahead, to comply with the anti-spam regulations, members will need to request access to our email distribution list. Notices will be posted on our Facebook page, sent to our current membership and posted on our website - Stay Tuned!!